Working from home and alone?

Yes, working from home has many benefits—commute, wardrobe, optional bathing, etc. You do tend to feel like you’re missing out on things. Best coffee? Latest productivity app? Where to shop for a new (fill in the blank). This used to be the kind of info you would get in the lunch room at work or grabbing a coffee. My Home Office Hacks will attempt to bridge that gap.

You are not alone

There are plenty of folks who work from home now. Whether it’s running a business, contractor/freelancer or staff of a company. There are so many of us doing this, why not help each other out by sharing what’s working, what’s not. Or what do I do from losing it at my keyboard?

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Join the crew

Like I said, there are many of us doing this. If you have story to share, drop me a line.

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Joe D'Eramo
Freelance copywriter (including traffic-driving Web content), author of 25 Ways to go from Stepfather to StepDad, fantasy football loser